About me

I am currently a researcher at Google Research. I finished my PhD in Computer Vision at Computer Science Department of University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC), advised by Dr. David Forsyth and Dr. Derek Hoiem. I interned with the vision group at Google Research over the summer of 2013 where I worked with Rahul Sukthankar and Thomas Leung.

I was a master's student and then a research associate at Carnegie Mellon University with Dr. Alyosha Efros , Dr. Martial Hebert and Dr. Abhinav Gupta. I finished my Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Robotics Institute,  Carnegie Mellon University at the end of fall 2011.
I am interested in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision is particularly close to my heart (here's a good reason why). More specifically, I am working in the following areas at this time
  • Scene Understanding: Humans are capable of reasoning about a lot of information in any given image. They can do this with amazingly high degree of accuracy. Given that images are inherently ambiguous, this is no ordinary feat. I am interested in exploring and understanding the processes that go behind in giving us this capability. My ultimate goal is to use this understanding to build programs that could reason about a given image with the same degree of accuracy as humans.
  • Object detection: It is an essential ingredient in the Scene Understanding soup. I am interested in exploring how humans recognise things. Exactly what mix of local features and global context (or anything else) do we use to learn about new objects, recognise previously seen, and differentiate between similar ones.
Earlier, I was working as a software engineer at Google. I completed my undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology, from Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad (IIITA)
I like experimenting with new technologies in general. Look into the "others" section for a few things I have been doing. Information about a few of my projects is listed in the projects section.
I am also interested in Numismatics and have been collecting coins since I was a child. Feel free to connect with me on G+.