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Undergrad Projects

Object based image retrieval using SIFT 
  • I worked as a member of two person team. I researched existing techniques for object identification and image retrieval. I implemented the original paper for the SIFT (Scale invariant feature transform) features for image matching and retrieval of composite images containing same/similar objects. We improved the results by comparing feature vectors not by geometric distance but edit distance over quantized feature space to accommodate noise.

Automatic highlight generation from soccer videos
  • I worked as a member of two person team. I researched into techniques for image segmentation, scene detection and event detection and their implementation. We identified continuous scenes using image differences taking into account hard and soft cuts. We also identified close and far shots using image segmentation. Based on audio analysis we identified crowd eruptions and selected corresponding sequence of small scenes to be included in the highlight. 

Smart meta search engine
  • This search engine collates results from existing search engines. It further fetches the content of the result pages to pick the exact subtext that is relevant to the user query. Additionally, it expands the query by inclusion of synonyms and fetching additional queries. Finally the results are displayed as hierarchical arrangement of selected snippets according to their relevancy. I researched, designed and implemented the system as a client application. I used word-net database to expand queries and implemented custom algorithm based on edit distance for snippet calculation.

Mail on mobile
  • I along with another colleague designed and implemented this system. The system enabled one to access emails using a custom protocol over SMS(Short Messaging Service) exchange. My work involved implementing the SMS gateway for sending SMSs and IMAP client for the mail server.